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It may take me a little while to make it back to this scene, but if anyone is interested in revitalizing an RP we started, or commencing a new one, feel free to message me. Again, deepest apologies for disappearing.

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((I am sorry I have been absent for so long. I work between 8-16 hour days every day, and lately when I get home, I’m totally wiped. I haven’t dropped any of our threads. I’m just pooped. I will try to be back soon. Thank you for those of you who are sticking with me))

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Barsad nodded at his assumed small victory over the young hacker; this would prove to be a battle of wits between the two, and every move would count. Showing her the treasury of knowledge the organization was the first move, seeing her reaction was the second.

Content with himself, he walked past her once more on his way to the next destination.

"Hex, have you seen death? Destruction en masse? Genocide, even?"

Side by side to his question, the sound of a series of piercing screams could be heard behind the multiple doors they passed. With each step, he smiled more and more. They were passing the torture chambers, and suddenly….Barsad had a pleasant idea.

Pleasant to him….

"I’ve seen dark things," she starts, the hair on her arms standing up at the sounds of the screams against the dimly lit corridor they are traversing. She wouldn’t want to end up on the wrong side of one of those doors. "But no, I have never witnessed destruction of that magnitude."

Alice has been the catalyst to another’s death before, but she has never personally executed an individual, nor witnessed an execution. When a mobster wants her to hack into the computer of his wife’s lover to find evidence that she is cheating, Alice has no illusions about the fate of the woman’s lover. She knows by delivering evidence to her employer, she is sealing a stranger’s fate. Still, she has never been compelled to nor wanted to witness the ending of a fellow human being’s life.

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((I know I said I would be on tonight, but some serious RL stuff has gone down and I’m just not in the right place to RP. I’ll see if my drive home changes how I feel, but the way I see it now, I may not be on til tomorrow. I appreciate everyone’s patience))

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Her poise is impeccable; He’d expected her to crumble at the first sign of aggression, and nodded in light of seeing that she would be harder to break than he anticipated. Barsad licked his lower lip, guiding her into another room. Along the walls lie a sea of books on everything from quantum physics to how to make ice cream. He held a hand out and tapped the shelf.

"Here you will find knowledge. This is the Brain. should you stay, this will be open to you. Centuries of knowledge. He spends hours upon hours here, studying and learning" He pulled a book from a shelf and held it out.

"The Art of War" My gift. Take it."

Alice won’t be broken easily. She is tough, the kind of tough that comes from surviving attempted filicide, from fighting your way off of the streets, from rising up as a powerful individual among men that could physically demolish you with the swipe of a hand. Alice isn’t in power now, but she hasn’t forgotten that she isn’t weak. Barsad will be sorely disappointed if he expects her to crumble under a few harsh words. Alice delivers her fare share of them as it is.

She inhales audibly as she enters the room. Alice is a bit of a bibliophile. For all her love of technology, one of her favorite pastimes is shutting down her electronics and curling up on her worn sofa with a favorite book from her modest collection. Her blue eyes take in the shelves with interest.

"I’m no Eve, but color me tempted…" She allows her eyes to stray from the sea of books just long enough to take the volume from his hand. A smile almost manifests across her lips. Almost.

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"You will be free to leave. We are all free to leave.." His voice took on an esoteric tone. ".But who has left? None. We are all here of our own accord. Has he told you of the truths he holds? The man who foolishly attempts to safeguard this city under the guise of a flying rodent?" 

He stopped at a door and held a hand over a panel, allowing the print scan to begin. “You’ve been chosen to be one of the best of us. He said so himself.” With this, he looks her over with what could be assumed is disgust.

"To me, you’re naught but a filthy example of the gutter leak we walk past on the streets. Tell me, Hex. How much dick /must/ one suck before you’re able to score a fix?"  He couldn’t help but laugh at his own comment; she was beneath him, and would spend every waking moment of her time in the organization remembering the fact.

She bites her tongue when he says she is free to leave. That isn’t exactly true. If she wanted to walk out at that moment, there would be an armed guard to stop her. She has to endure whatever reeducation Bane is planning for her before she is allowed back to the surface.

"He mentioned something along that line, yeah." Alice shrugs her shoulders. "I’m not really looking to get information out of you guys. The less you lot tell me, the better. I work in the information business. I know how dangerous it is, just to know shit."

She blinks in surprise at the disgust on his expression. Her eyes narrow into slits, glacial blue irises ice cold. But she isn’t angry. A hint of a smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth.

"First off, I don’t suck dick. Ever. Second, I can pay for my fixes the proper way. And third, I don’t let just anyone touch me," her smirk vanishes, her expression suddenly serious, "So keep that in mind the next time you get the urge to push me against a wall. I let that one slide. I won’t be so forgiving if your hands find themselves on me again." Alice has no means to back up her words, but she speaks them with confidence. She knows she is dressed sexually; it’s intentional. And she knows what people assume about her. But Alice is far from a slut. She doesn’t like being touched as a general rule, and she has permitted very few lovers in her short sexual history. It doesn’t much bother her if Barsad assumes she is a slut, so long as he doesn’t think he’d be adding himself to her list of suitors.

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((changed “sexuality” to “sensuality” in Alice’s bio, because I think it gave the wrong impression. Alice is highly flirtatious and dresses immodestly. BUT. with very rare exceptions, I do not write smut. don’t let Alice’s flirtation fool you— she is not easy to get in bed with. she’s actually averse to most physical contact. her sexual affect is merely part of her skillful manipulation))

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In response to her quip, Barsad quickly drew his pistol and fired a round. The bullet, after ricocheting off of several objects, zipped past her head, taking a loose strand of hair. With a grin, Barsad spun the gun into it’s holster and walked on. “That whole escapade was torture. Intentionally missing is worse than actually missing..”

He stopped cold and shoved her against a wall. Barsad’s words came whispered against her ears as he held both hand against the wall on either side of her head.

"…..I don’t miss, madamoiselle…"

He winked, then resumed  his walk, soon leading Alice into a large central hub lined with assault vehicles and a multitude of operatives. The narrow walkway offered a metallic *CLANG*  to each step the newly anointed duo took through the area. “This is the nervous system. Each man, and man’s abled hand fuel the cause. Without one, we fall. With all, we persevere. You’re as important as that man there, working on the transmission for the Humvee…”

Flinching when he fires the shot, she is at first perplexed as to what he is actually shooting at. Then Alice’s eyes widen when the bullet zips past her, expression almost comical. “Shit…!” she whispers, patting the side of her face to be sure he didn’t graze her. She is unharmed. “Some bully shot…”

Alice gasps as Barsad shoves her against the wall, instinctively raising her hands and placing them against his chest, as though she could possibly hope to move him. There is no strength behind her, except for strength of spirit and intellect. She turns her head away from him as he leans in to whisper against her ear, squirming uncomfortably. She breathes a sigh of relief when he moves back, and she pads along after him with a blank expression, as though nothing has happened. 

"I imagine I’m important, given the trouble you boys’ve gone through to acquire me," she muses, tapping a finger to her lower lip, a red dot of lipstick forming on her pale skin. "Assuming I allow myself to be integrated into your little nervous system. Bane said I have the freedom to leave, if I see fit." She says the latter point with too much emphasis, reassuring herself of its truth too earnestly. She needs to believe that it is the truth, or hopelessness will creep up over her consciousness with claws of panic.

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Barsad opened the door to Alice’s room and immediately lowered his head in respect to his superior. Bane held a firm grip on the organization’s morale. With a slight tilt to his head, he met her gaze. Hie eyes betrayed a morbid curiosity, more so fueled by a carnal curiosity than his superior’s simple quest for absolution; Barsad was Bane’s watchdog, and the dog had grown hungry. 

As Bane led Alice to his waiting post, Barsad stepped aside and nodded once told his duties; he was to escort Alice around the premises and explain what little was allowed to be. A chore he would normally object to, if given by anyone other than he who gave the order,.He offers the young girl a discerning look, then walks ahead. 

"Follow me, birdie. You’ve much to see."

Alice meets his gaze with equal curiosity, although there is a hint of fear lingering behind the blue of her eyes. These men are stronger than her. They could hurt her if they wanted to, and she is keenly aware of that each moment she is around any of them, whether superiors or mindless muscle. After a few moments, Alice averts her eyes to the dank floor, suddenly conscious of how short her dress is. She tugs at the hem as Barsad is explained what his duties will be. Alice looks away, pretending not to be listening. There is a lot of hold her interest, and eventually she really isn’t listening, instead taking in her surroundings. No escape routes of any kind are evident to her.

When Barsad speaks, her attention is immediately arrested. She sees him walking on and pads along after him, taking nearly two full strides to match his one. 

"Hello again," she says calmly, pale brow arched. "Nice to have you not shooting at me, even if your aim is abysmal." Alice may feel threatened, but she has a tough time turning off her sass even in the most dire of situations.